It’s the decades-old question that has launched careers, and dashed dreams: “Why don’t we make our own movies?”

Even at fifteen, I could appreciate just how difficult pulling something off like that would be, but the naïveté that comes with having a strong desire to do something without having any real knowledge of how to do so, made the idea of making our own movies seem possible; maybe even easier than I was anticipating.

Naturally, things didn’t work out that way. Any movies my friends and I attempted to shoot usually wound up getting scrapped after an hour of filming, but something stayed with me. I spent months learning about screenwriting: reading every how-to book I could get my hands on; poring over the shooting scripts of my favorite films; engrossing myself in the world of screenwriting itself. Despite the constant failures on our part to actually finish any film we started, there was that one realization that stuck with me: I could still write them.

So here I am, over a decade later, still doing just that. I’m certainly no Mamet, Mann, or Sorkin, but I am doing my best to follow in the footsteps of those brilliant writers, and loving the pure creation that is fiction.


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