Citizen Koch: A film about money, power, and democracy.

Citizen Koch: A Film About Money, Power, and Democracy

I always recommend watching documentaries with an open mind; they are, after everything else, works of a few individuals, and aren’t always guaranteed to be unbiased (though, to me, they should be). That said, I think they are absolutely invaluable when it comes to introducing a large number of people to an issue that otherwise may have gone unnoticed.

I just came across the trailer for Citizen Koch, and I have to say that I am incredibly excited to see this. Personally, I’ve been very troubled by what the Koch brothers have been doing to manipulate the American political system, and it’s something that not enough people are talking about. Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission sparked massive controversy when the US Supreme Court ruled that independent political expenditures by corporations and unions are protected under the First Amendment and not subject to restriction by the government.

SCOTUS gave multinational conglomerates free reign to pump as much money as they want into individual campaigns without any transparency or restrictions, meaning people like the Koch brothers, and any other person or company with enough money, can (and do) influence policy by proxy. This isn’t something that might happen; this is something that is happening, and it should scare the shit out of every American, regardless of political ideology, because it is an absolute mockery of the Constitution.

It’s never been about “free speech;” that was a distraction thrown out to keep people on opposite sides of the political spectrum arguing while Citizens United greased the cogs of Washington with their financial influence. It has always been about one thing: the privatization of political power, and as long as American citizens allow this to keep happening, our individual voices and liberties will slowly continue to be snuffed out at the whims of the select few at the top.


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