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“I’ll create a GUI interface using Visual Basic…”

While I’m waiting to hear back from some readers about their thoughts on The Days Never Know, I’ve decided to hop right in to my next project.

No title, as of yet, but it’s one of those ideas that has been on my mind for quite a while; I’ve been wanting to write a realistic technological thriller for quite some time. After seeing so many god-awful clips from CSI and other media on the subject (Hackers, The Net, and who can forget Swordfish), I felt the time had come to write a film that deals with the world of cyber-crime. It won’t be a “explain it to me like I’m five” film on the subject, but it also won’t be confusing as hell to those who don’t know the subject…all while being not only interesting, but hopefully thrilling.

Basically, I want to do what Phil Alden Robinson, Lawrence Lasker, and Walter F. Parkes did with Sneakers twenty years ago (yikes, that was twenty years ago), but have it take place in a more…realistic world. I love that movie, and I know they worked hard on keeping it grounded in reality (technologically speaking), but it’s a little too lighthearted; I always wanted to see that same group of characters in a different setting.

So a few weeks ago, I began working on a very, very rough outline. It’s still in the outline stage, but I powered up Final Draft and decided to write out the first few pages just to see how it would play out. Here’s a sneak peak:

NOTE: This scene below is completely gone from the current draft. What I wrote below was just a rough idea of a scene I had in my head.

Howell's about to wish he had coughed up the extra money...

For the time being, this is probably all I’ll be doing in Final Draft. I’ve still got a lot of the plot to flesh out, but I wanted to throw this out just to see how it felt.

And as for The Days Never Know, several of the reviews I have received so far have been better than I hoped for. These two, in particular, made my day when I read them:

That, right there, is why I’ve always wanted to make movies!

Oh, and I can’t forget to thank Ashley Mimnaugh, Chelsy Ellsworth, and Kirby Ritter for taking the time to read The Days Never Know for me. You guys rock!


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