“Can’t I just get someone else to toot my own horn?”

Thanks to the advice and guidance of a few writer friends of mine, I have decided to come back to the blog and start the whole self-promotion engine once more. God, I do suck at this! I’ve always been awful at talking myself up, but I suppose if I want this to actually work out, I’m gonna have to bite the bullet and dive in.

Since completing the first (readable) draft of The Days Never Know back in December, I began to realize just how much I missed this process of creation. That is one of the most amazing aspects of writing any type of fiction: it’s pure creation.  One thing I am always amazed at is how the story and characters can evolve as the process moves on; a character you loved may turn out to be a character you hate; that “obviously logical conclusion” you were so sure of at the beginning is now looking like the worst idea you could possibly try. These aren’t bad realizations, mind you; it’s what (I believe) should happen in the process of creating a story.

When the latest draft of The Days Never Know was in the can, so to speak, I found myself itching to keep going, so I moved on to two other projects that have been rattling around in my mind these past few years. While they’re nowhere near in condition to be read by anyone yet, I am excited that this is even happening again. It has been almost a decade since I have had the energy and determination to tackle so many projects at once; that last experience was amazing, so I’m hoping for something similar.

The Days Never Know (the current draft) is in three screenwriting competitions as I write this, and while I’m not expecting anything grandiose to happen, I am absolutely thrilled by this experience alone. I’ve missed these days.

But I’m going to have to learn how to promote myself. Hell, only a handful of my friends even know that I’ve finished The Days Never Know; if I can’t even talk myself up to my friends, I’m going to be in trouble.


2 thoughts on ““Can’t I just get someone else to toot my own horn?”

  1. Clicking around your blog and this caught my attention because I feel your pain. I hate self-promoting. I really need a clone to do this for me (but not a perfect clone or she’d also hate it). The writing part and the evolution of the story are what I love. I even love the editing now because I get to see it improving. Blogging I’m not so enamored with. Maybe I’ll learn to love that too someday. :) Happy writing!

    • One thing I’ve learned over the past month is that it isn’t self-promotion that’s important, but just having an online presence. In just this week alone, I had some of the most interesting conversations with other writers just by striking up a conversation. Thanks for the comment!

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